5th car I owed. 2016 Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van 2.0tdi Dsg Stage 3 plus(stripped and Sold)
So I got a code 3 caddy.
Needed small love. But awesome base for the build.
2016 Vw Caddy 2.0 TDI dsg

Mod list.

1. Led lighting front and down lights in the back.
2. MIB 2 Radio Nav pro.
3. Cluster upgrades to highline and then upgraded to digital.
4. Interior buttons from Red to White.
5. Factory Auto Rain and light kit.
6. Mk8 R Reshape Carbon steering wheel and airbag with a custom slip ring to make the buttons 100% functional.
7. Caddy Vw Rubber mats front and back.
8. Aluminum sport pedal.
9. Mk7 r led lighter ring to top/bottom and back lighter socket.
10. Dash camera wired in.
11. Roof liner recover.
12. Color change all interior panels from cream to satin black also replaced some panels from the caddy Life.
13. Footwell lights installed.
14. All rear wooden panels recovered and rear bin been covered in 4 way stretch also added a floor and covered in 8mm carpet.
15. Front door puddle lights
16. Electric windows installed with correct buttons.
15. Rubberize rear bin area.
16. Driver door mirror switch.
17. Led Glass Gear Shifter Knob.
18. Aircon module replaced with full seat heating option.
19. Front Cerwin Vega splits.
20. Dash cubby and dash vent trim.
21. Door lock trim with lazered caddy writing.
22. Recaro seats rails modified to fit Caddy.
23. Recaro seats with color coded backs and recovered in Nappa and Alcantara leather , also customed the side covers .
24. Door cards recovered in Alcantara and Nappa leather.
25. Audi lighter plug.
26. Touran front floor carpet.
27. Golf mk7 R Stalks
28. Touran center armrest console recovered in Nappa leather .
29. Touran rear seats recovered in Nappa and Alcantara leather and floor rails welded in.
30. Touran rear floor carpet.
31. Amarok Safety belt covers.
32. Caddy life sliding door trim.
33. Golf mk7 R interior door handles.
34. Golf mk6 oem Heated seats /harness / modules coded to the car.
35.Tire pressure monitor button.
36. Esp (Traction control) button.
37. Scirocco Trio dash gauges with custom dash cubby.
38.Rear C pilar Safety belt kit fitted.
39.Rear Cerwin Vega splits.
40. Digital cluster.
41. Cupholder mats.

1. A-Line Hostile Black.
2. H&R low kit ( axle flip in the rear)
3. Koni adjustables rear with H&R Twin tube coilies in the front.
4. Oem Reverse camera.
5. Led numberplate units.
6. Led reverse bulb.
7. Caddy hybrid mk7.5 R front bumper all grills made gloss black.
8. Caddy alltrack mirrors
9. Gloss Black mirror caps.
10. Mirror puddle lights.
11.Remove door and side beading and flush the body.
12. Rear door slider rail cover fitted.
13. Fogs and fog covers fitted with led bulbs .
14. Roof rails with cross braces.
15. Respray in Nardo Grey with a gloss black roof and decal with Retrofitters Branding.
16. Full Powerflex mountings done front to back.
17. Caddy oem Xenon headlights with customs wiring an coding ,blacked out.
18. Tail lights replaced with the dark Smoked version from the Alltrack.
19. Door handles made gloss black.
20. Lambo Brembos 8 pot front calipers and 365mm discs.
21. Custom made bells and discs by Vari.
22. Rear badge delete and front bumper numberplate flush.
23. Caddy highline upper front grill.
24. Custom machined Rims to bring them in 3mm.
25. Smoked Static Fender indicators.
26. Color coded calipers to Nardo Grey front and back. Also did brembo stickers on the front set.
27. Roof spoiler on barn doors.
28. 3rd brake light with a smoked lens.
29. Audi S3 8p rear brakes.
30. Full alltrack fender and sill kit color coded.
31. Caddy life sliding door modded to fit.
32. Bonnet inner engine cover and clips.
33. Caddy ALLTRACK front grill badge.
34.Maxton Golf mk7.5 R V7 lip.

1. Cambelt service
2. Water pump and coolant bottle change
3. MK7 R subframe.
4.Vwr600 intake..
5. Trottle body replaced.
6. Headlight/aircon/trottle body/washer bottle plugs replaced.
7. Aircon pipes replaced.
8. Aircon pump and sensor replaced.
9. Aircon condenser replaced.
10.Rogue Downpipe and Exhaust.
11.Egr Delete.
12. Oil catch can.
13. Battery box.
14. Engine cover.
15. Radiator elbow bend replaced due to leak.
16. 65mm Intercooler.
17.Stage 2Plus tuned file and Dsg Flash.
18.DQ250 dsg Gearbox swop from Manual to Auto.
19.Darkside Charge kit.
20. Tire pressure monitor kit.
21. Darkside Intake inlet hose.
22. REVO underneath coolant hose.
23.Darkside Hybrid turbo and oil pipe kit.
24. Darkside Radiator aluminum core replacement.
25.Vwr Expantion lid.
26. Vwr Washer bottle lid.
27. H&R anti roll bar upgrade.
28. H&R tie rods.
29. RF custom turbo inlet coupling.

Detail and protection...
1. Paint correction on the exterior.
2. Paint correction on the Recaro seats/Dash trim and the small gloss black extras.
3. Ceramic on the exterior.
4. Ceramic on the Recaro seats/Dash trim and the small gloss black extras.
5. Car taken care off weekly with Auto Dna and Carpro products.
6. Full front PPF with self healing properties Stek.

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