Volkswagen VW PQ MQB MIB 6.5" Rear Camera Harnes


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Car Wiring Adapter Harness with CANBUS

For Upgrade Original Head Unit Reverse Parking Image Function

For Volkswagen PQ MQB MIB 6.5" 280B/280D Original Head Unit 187A/187B

The reversing function cannot be activated automatically.
The rear view function can only be used after the head unit is opened with 5053/5054 line machine.


For VW MIB Original Head Unit Screen Reversing Parking Function.
Lossless Decoder / Simulator Decoding Box / Low Configuration Car Model Adapter
Do not damage the original wiring, just plug & play directly
The CANBUS thread ends are all reserved and can be used directly after being plugged in.
Buyer Notice:
Please check the photos carefully, if you are not professional, do not order.
Please check the photos carefully, to make suer the wiring harness is what you want.
If you order a wrong wire, we do not accept it refund or returned.
Hope you understand.
Product Characteristics
1. Solve the problem that the key light is not on, the machine is shut down for 30 minutes, and the key is not removed.
2. Solve the problem that super Bluetooth is available.
3. Remove the key and it will automatically shut down.
4. Reverse the rear view (the rear view channel of the head unit must be opened with 5053 / 5054 wire), and the MQB adjustment time cannot be adjusted temporarily!

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