O.Z Racing Rally Desert

Color: Black
Size: 18 inch
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Sturdy and streamlined. Thanks to the distribution of its spokes, it delivers all the toughness needed for off-road performance without sacrificing sleek, airy style. When it comes to looks, the new Rally Desert lends a breathtaking air of lightness.

Just as on racing rims, the reinforced outer lip grants the wheel extreme strength, engineered to conquer the roughest terrains.

Even the customization is meticulously detailed: the OZ Racing wording is laser engraved and protected from corrosion by a special clear-coat.

Despite its visually lightweight structure, it boasts a totally respectable max load (up to 1,250 kg per wheel). Rally Desert can be mounted on off-road vehicles and pickups, in addition to being especially suited to heavy commercial vehicles.

Rally Desert comes in 18-inch diameter with an ample array of applications, in two finishes: Matt Black and Matt Black Diamond Lip.

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