Aluminium Radiator for VW Golf Mk5 / Mk6 Platform Vehicles


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Aluminium Radiator for VW Golf Mk5 / Mk6 Platform Vehicles

Performance Aluminium Radiator for All Mk5 / Mk6 Platform Vehicles


After carrying out hours of track and drag tests in our race cars coolant temps were always an issue prior to installing one of these radiators


This will minimise chances of over heating and blowing coolant out of the header tank which can lead to potential engine failure


Fans can also be removed for increased air flow however this is not recommended on road cars when the vehicle may be sat stationary for long periods


This upgrade is essential for modified Mk5 / Mk6 platform models

Keeps engine temperatures down, ideal for track use

More water volume within a channel means greater cooling efficiency

Polished Alloy and TIG welded for strength and durability

All hoses, fan shrouds, brackets fit as per factory making it a 100% bolt on



760mm x 460mm x 42mm



650mm x 455mm x 42mm


1K0121251AB - 1K0121251 AB - 1K0 121 251 AB

1K0121251BK - 1K0121251 BK - 1K0 121 251 BK

1K0121251DD - 1K0121251 DD - 1K0 121 251 DD

1K0121251DM - 1K0121251 DM - 1K0 121 251 DM

1K0121251DT - 1K0121251 DT - 1K0 121 251 DT

1K0121251EH - 1K0121251 EH - 1K0 121 251 EH

1K0121251N - 1K0121251 N - 1K0 121 251 N

3AA121253 - 3AA 121 253

3C0121253AL - 3C0121253 AL - 3C0 121 253 AL

3C0121253AR - 3C0121253 AR - 3C0 121 253 AR

3C0121253BB - 3C0121253 BB - 3C0 121 253 BB

3C0121253K - 3C0121253 K - 3C0 121 253 K

3C0121253Q - 3C0121253 Q - 3C0 121 253 Q

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