Volkswagen Golf GTI MK5 mk6 Jetta passat EOS Scirocco TT TTS S3 A3 Caddy Intercooler


R 9,250
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  • Golf-Year:2007,2010,2009,2006
  • Item Width:52
  • Item Height:24
  • Interchange Part Number:00
  • Volkswagen Model:Golf
  • Placement on Vehicle:front mount intercooler
  • Special Features:intercooler
  • Item Length:94
  • Country/Region of Manufacture:China
  • Manufacturer Part Number:0000
  • Material Type:aluminium
  • Other Part Number:000
  • For Vehicle Brands/Model:Volkswagen
  • Item Weight:19

Product Description

intercooler kit for G.OLF GTI MK5 MK6 APR / A.u..d.i A3 S3  Intercooler/Charge Air cooler bar and plate style (what you get will be bar and plate style as silver one in photo! because i don't take photo of black one, so,still use tube fin black intercooler, but this price is for bar and plate style!)

for golf 5/6 GTI MK5 MK6/Jetta/passat/EOS/Scirocco/TT/TTS/MK3/ S3/A3/Octavia/Seat Leon 2.0T TURBO Intercooler kit  65MM thick tank,60mm thick core

it is bar and plate actually


for Mk5/6 2.0 TFSI/TSI  Intercooler Kit


Fits for ALL V..W / A..u..d..i / Seat and S.k.o.d.a Mk5 Platform Vehicles

Core thickness is about 59mm ,tank thickness is 65mm,we also have 50mm thick core and 55mm thick tank intercooler,that is 15usd cheaper in price.



for  2006-2010 V.W GTI 2.0T 
 for 2006-2010 V.W J.etta 2.0T (need minor adjustment to fit) 
 for 2006-2009 A.u.d.i A3 2.0T                                                                                                                                                                                              for 
S3 Intercooler for 2.0 TFSI / 2.0 TDI / 1.9 TDI


 2 x polyester reinforced high temperature silicone hose
 4 x t bolt clamp
 1 x aluminum intercooler (as picture shows)

STAND COLOR  Silver/Black
core size


Inlet/outlet: 2.8"(70MM)




Please check fitment using the 'Compatible Vehicles' List above

The version 2.0 TFSI / TSI Competition Intercooler Kit is suitable for:
for • A.udi A3 8P 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2007-2012)

for A.udi A3 8P 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2005-2012)
for A.udi S3 8P 195KW/265PS (2006-2012)

• for A.udi TT 8J 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2014)

for A.udi TT 8J 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2006-2014)

• for A.udi TTS 8J 200KW/272PS (2008-2014)

for V.olkswagen Golf 5 GTI (ED 30) 147-169KW/200-230PS (2004-2008)

• for V.olkswagen Golf 6 GTI (ED 35) (Cabrio) 155-173KW/211-235PS (2009-2013)

• for V.olkswagen Golf 6 R (Cabrio) 199KW/270PS (2009-2013)

• for V.olkswagen Scirocco 3 2,0 TSI 147-162KW/200-220PS (2008-2015)

• for V.olkswagen Scirocco 3 R 195-206KW/265-280PS (2009-2015)

for V.olkswagen EOS 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2006-2009)

for V.olkswagen EOS 2,0 TFSI 155KW/211PS (2009-2014)

• for V.olkswagen Jetta 5 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2005-2010)

• for V.olkswagen Jetta 6 2,0 TSI 155KW/211PS (2010-2014)

• for V.olkswagen Passat B7 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2010-2012)

• for V.olkswagen Passat B7 2,0 TSI 155KW/211PS (2010-2014)

for V.olkswagen Passat CC 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2012)

• for V.olkswagen Passat CC 2,0 TFSI 147KW/200PS (2008-2010)

• for V.olkswagen Passat CC 2,0 TSI 147KW/200PS (2010-2014)

• for S.koda Octavia 1Z 1,8 TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2013)

• for S.koda Octavia 1Z MK2 RS 147KW/200PS (2005-2009)

• for S.koda Octavia 1Z MK2 RS 155KW/211PS (2009-2013)

• for S.koda Superb 3T 2,0 TSI 147KW/200PS (2010-2013)

• for Seat Leon 1P 2,0 TFSI 136KW/185PS (2005-2006)*

• for Seat Leon 1P FR 147KW/200PS (2006-2009)*

• for Seat Leon 1P FR 155KW/211PS (2009-2012)*

for Seat Leon 1P Cupra 177KW/241PS (2007-2011)*

• for Seat Leon 1P Cupra R 195KW/265PS (2009-2012)*

for Seat Leon 1P Copa Edition 210KW/286PS (2008)*

• for Seat Leon 1P Cupra R310 LE 228KW/310PS (2009-2012)*

for Seat Leon 1P Cupra R310 WCE 228KW/310PS (2009-2012)*

* slight modifications to the vehicle required

Our kits gets made by order 3 - 4 weeks to make

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