Sparco FF1

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Size: 15 inch
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Sparco FF1, the first flow-formed Sparco alloy wheel

The Sparco FF1 is the new Sparco Wheels model designed to satisfy the tastes and needs of sports car enthusiasts who line up for track days with compact cars, like the legendary Mazda MX-5 Miata.

The Sparco FF1 is a lightweight, technical alloy wheel, the first Sparco wheel produced with the flow-forming technique.
With this special technology, that consists in coating the inner rim using a particular production process, the Sparco FF1 drops its weight to very compelling values while maintaining extremely high levels of tensile strength.

Track Days and more: with its sleek, sporty design, thanks to especially aggressive applications, the Sparco FF1 can transform a car into a real, true custom car for everyday use.

The Sparco FF1 alloy wheel is the perfect model for all those who dream of a sportier-looking car without sacrificing reliability, quality and durability.

Sparco and OZ are two major players in the world of racing. Their experience and expertise are infused into this lightweight, high-performance, stylish wheel.

Sparco FF1 comes in Gloss Black finish, in two diameters with a vast range of inner rim widths: 7x15”, 8x15”, 9x15” and 7x17”, 8x17”, 8.5x17”.

Like all Sparco Wheels, Sparco FF1 is TUV certified to ensure maximum safety and overall quality, values consistently honored and respected by OZ.

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