Volkswagen Automatic Stop Start Engine System Off Device Control Sensor Plug Stop Cancel


Car model: Golf mk7 /7.5
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Introduction to three modes:

Automatic shutdown mode: each time the car starts, the start and stop will be automatically closed. If it is opened manually halfway, the car will still be closed after the car is turned off and locked.

Memory mode: manually switch the start / stop switch once, and the start / stop status will be stored in memory, which will not be affected by power failure.

Service mode (original factory mode): start stop Bao does not work by default, and the effect is the same as that of the original vehicle.

Mode switching method:

1. Turn off the start stop first and wait for more than three seconds,

2. Press the start / stop switch for 3 consecutive times (press it to start / stop and wait for it to close automatically);

3. After the start stop is automatically closed, immediately press the start stop switch three times (or two or four times) continuously and wait for the indicator light to reverse. Then enter the automatic shutdown mode (or memory mode, original mode).

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