Volkswagen Caddy 2k Low kit


Style: Air setup. Front coilies and bags / rear 4 link and bags
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H&R 40/60mm lowering springs for VW Volkswagen Caddy III & IV
H&R 29274-5

Lowering front axle 40 mm
Lowering rear axle 60 mm

Max. front axle load 1130 kg
Max. rear axle load 1300 kg

A leaf spring fastening system is used on the rear axle. If the vehicle is equipped with a double-leaf spring, the single-leaf spring (VW-org. Parts No. 2K3511151E- Maxi or 2K0511151N for Caddy, Caddy Life) has to be converted.

H&R Note:
"The car must be originally equipped with  single-layer leaf springs or must be converted to single.layer leaf springs with the following VW part number:
Only Caddy, Caddy Life up to model 2015: single -layer leaf spring 2K0 511 151 N (optionally 2K5 511 151 N)"

VW Caddy III Kasten
VW Caddy III Kombi
VW Caddy IV Kasten
VW Caddy IV Kombi

Please note  only our shackle kit is locally made 

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